Quickbooks Firm Of The Future Winners

Voting begins on the 3rd October for 2 weeks to decide who is the winner of the first Quickbooks Firm Of The Future world award and we are on of four worldwide accountancy practices in the final. You can vote for us at  http://firmofthefuture.com/contest and you can vote for us once a day after you have registered. We are competing against businesses from the USA, Canada and Australia and each of us have had a video prepared by Quickbooks which goes live on that date. Cloud Software


We would love as many people as possible to vote for us both because we are in the final and so we want to go on and win but also because you will be helping a worthwhile cause as well. The award is based on accountancy practices that make the best use of technology to improve their accountancy practice and also make the best use of new software and technology to improve clients businesses. That certainly applies to us as we are fully cloud based internally and also we advise on and install the latest  Apps to benefit clients to help their businesses grow.

Helping Yorkshire Cancer Research

We were scheduled to take part in the Yorkshire Cancer Research business challenge in October to raise funds for them but with the unexpected good news on the Firm Of The Future award and the work involved in this, we had to reluctantly cancel this.Charity

We Can Still Help Though

We believe in the work that Yorkshire Cancer Research do for the people of Yorkshire and so we have decided that if we win the $10,000 prize, we will give 10% of it to them to make up for the amount that we would have probably raised through our corporate challenge.

How Do Yimage001orkshire Cancer Research Help Yorkshire ?

If you live in Yorkshire you are more likely to get cancer and die from it if you live in the county than the majority of England due to it having the third highest incidence of cancer diagnosis. Yorkshire Cancer Research help Yorkshire people to avoid, survive and cope with cancer and they do this by funding research and also by providing community health projects. Yorkshire Cancer Research have committed to spend £100m over the next 10 years.

All of our team are from East Yorkshire and everyone of us has known someone who has had to tackle cancer and so it is important that we do our little bit and so this is why we are very happy to help with this. Even if we do not win, we are very happy to help and raise the profile of Yorkshire Cancer Research through our voting campaign for the Quickbooks Firm Of The Future world award.

It Is Not Just Yorkshire

We appreciate not everyone who will be voting for us will be in Yorkshire but the research funded here will help elsewhere in the country and so the small action of voting for Hemingway Bailey at http://firmofthefuture.com/contest will potentially benefit us all.


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Alan Hemingway

Managing Director at Hemingway Bailey
Alan’s passion is giving clients great management information to enable business owners and managers have the opportunity to make well informed decisions on their business. Professionally he qualified as a Chartered Management Account in 1994, passing all 14 of his professional exams first time and became one of the few CIMA Members in Practice in 2010.
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