This has been a hot topic of recent years due to the decline of our economy. In a bid to ensure our community performs to it’s best potential we have started to consider our actions of where we shop more and more.

DSC_8225When shopping locally 63p of every £1 spent goes back into our local economy. Compare this to the 40p per £1 when you shop at bigger corporations and you can see that it really does make a difference.

There are many other benefits to shopping locally too, such as the effect on the planet. If you are buying vegetables from a local farm shop, this will usually contain less packaging, so produce less waste and will also not have had to be transported across the world.

The inside of a local boutique can also hold many surprises, the chances of finding that BuyLocal-Smallone-off or unique item is much higher. You also have the ‘try before you buy’ advantage, local shop owners have the power to allow you to try something, or to give a discount, deal or advice that someone working at a multi-national company may not be able to do.

Try getting to know some of the local retailers in your area and discover the sense of community they create, while
also giving yourself the opportunity to find that wow item you didn’t even know existed!

Thinking about starting a local company? Get in touch for a chat and a coffee on or 01482 679333 we would love to hear from you.

Evie Molloy

Evie Molloy

Evie qualified with her AAT in 2016 and is now studying for her professional exams where she is studying the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants ( CIMA ) qualification.

Evie is an Apprentice Ambassador and goes into schools and advising employers on the benefits of apprenticeships. In 2016 she hosted a large employers Apprentice Event for the National Apprenticeship Service at York Racecourse.
Evie Molloy

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