Spending too much time processing transactions? Anything from inputting sales invoices into QuickBooks Online to entering complicated journals.

AccountantHub LogoAccountantHub offers a way to import transactions into QuickBooks Online without having to type a thing. Just simply set up an import spreadsheet template – AccountantHub do offer these on their website, but we can offer help and support to create one bespoke to your company if necessary – and upload it to their webpage. AccountantHub links directly with QuickBooks and the import only takes minutes, with zero hassle for you. Once the spreadsheet has been mapped once, which is relatively simple, the imports should work like clockwork at the intervals you need them to.

Importing TransactionsAccountantHub allows you to import:

  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Expenses/Bank payments
  • Journals


For me, it takes about 20 seconds to input an invoice onto QuickBooks Online. For a months worth of 1,000 invoices that is 333 minutes. It takes just 5 minutes 15 seconds to import 1,000 invoices with AccountantHub. That is a time saving of almost 5 and a half hours!

What could you do in your business with 5 and a half extra hours?

Get in touch today to find out more on evie.molloy@hemingwaybailey.co.uk or 01482 679333 or follow this link to find out more online: AccountantHub.com

Evie Molloy

Evie Molloy

Evie qualified with her AAT in 2016 and is now studying for her professional exams where she is studying the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants ( CIMA ) qualification.

Evie is an Apprentice Ambassador and goes into schools and advising employers on the benefits of apprenticeships. In 2016 she hosted a large employers Apprentice Event for the National Apprenticeship Service at York Racecourse.
Evie Molloy

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