Keeping tack of the figures in your business can be a tricky task. But doing so is essential to good business management. Even when you turn to a professional accountant to provide some guidance, having a good personal understanding can still be difficult.

At Hemingway Bailey, communication is paramount; we’re always striving to make things as clear and accessible to our clients as possible. And, as a Quick Books Firm of the Future, technology forms a big part of how we do this.

We like to stay abreast of all that’s available and it was during a recent search that we stumbled across a great new piece of software called Loom.

It can be used to create short explainer videos that simultaneously display what is on the user’s screen whilst recording the user through their device’s camera. This allows you to highlight specific areas of interest and explain documents and processes in a much more engaging manner. A URL is then generated that can be distributed via email.

This will be particularly useful in helping us to better explain the support we offer to our clients, particularly during year-end reviews, filing your accounts and other services. It’s something you won’t get from other accountants too!

The beauty of it is that it allows us to supply what can be complicated information in a much more accessible and comprehensible way. As well as allowing clients to digest the information at a time that suits them.

Additionally, if you sign up to the software yourself you can send a video response back to us asking for any further explanation, which is a much more approachable and simpler method than trying to type any issues out in an email.

We think it’s a fantastic bit of kit and something we’ve already started to work in to our client services.