Business Consulting

We are passionate at Hemingway Bailey about ensuring our clients have access to the best tools and support to help their businesses to be successful. This means when we are working closely with clients and we see that their business needs help in certain areas, we have access to the resources to give them this boost.

Lean Business Consulting

No matter how successful a business is, they can always be working better and because of this, we offer the service of lean business consulting to clients. We offer this to both existing accountancy clients but also to new clients who just want to take advantage of our expertise in this area. We provide lean solutions to manufacturing and service businesses to eradicate waste, boost efficiency, work smarter and increase profitability. If you are looking to achieve more from your resources, be more competitive and create capacity for growth, we can help you.

HR Consultancy

Your people are an important resource to any business and we can help you with putting the right HR procedures in place for you. This could be on start-up or during a period of expansion to ensure you are doing the correct things.

Business Culture

It is important to get your team fully on board with what you are doing and because of this we believe it is very important for businesses to get the correct business culture into their business. Our team can help you uncover the values that are important to you and help you implement them so your team can take your business forward.

Getting the right culture into your business will mean you have a much more productive workforce who will be with you on the journey you are taking.

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