We sometimes see potential clients who are very happy being as they are with the size of their business and the priority for them is being as efficient as possible to make sure profits continue to come into their business. These businesses can make use of our business coaching and business consulting services to achieve this and if this is what they want, we will do our best to help them

Step Change

Often the hardest part of growing your business is having the confidence to take the next step up and make the big decisions. We cannot make them for you but we will work closely with you and look at the financial and non-financial data to help you make a much better informed decision. We will work closely with you to see what data is important and often it is not just financial and so we would help you collect your non-financial data if you do not already have it.


As your business grows, often your systems need to grow with it and we can help you review these so you know your growth will not be restricted by inadequate systems. With our great knowledge of cloud accounting software and the Apps that can make you more efficient, we can advise what is best for your business and your future growth.


We are happy to admit we do not know everything but if we spot a need for extra help, we have a lot of connections and we are always very happy to share these with you. If it is the situation that one of our connections is the right person for you to speak to as a great supplier or a potential customer, we are very happy to introduce you.


To grow you will need sound financial forecasts and we have a lot of experience of this from our practical industry experience. In addition to this we have access to software tools that can give you different scenarios that will mean you can go for funding in the knowledge that you have covered all eventualities.