Author: Chris Jacobsen

How can your Business make the most of the UK’s Booming Food-to-go Market?

By 2022 the UK’s food-to-go sector is expected to be worth £23.5bn, up from £17.4bn, according to a report carried out by IGD. At Hemingway Bailey, we’re experts in the food-manufacturing industry. So here are our top tips to help you get a slice of that £6.1bn pie: Know your customers Understanding the habits of your customers is perhaps one of the most important things you can do. There are lots of ways you can listen to what they’re saying and establish trends including apps, social media and Google Analytics and other services. Importantly, these methods help you stay in touch with your customers too. You can download the Hemingway Bailey app on iOS or Android here. Stream line your processes Make sure your batch sizes are big enough to satisfy demand but small enough to minimize waste. Consider all factors when calculating the cost of a product; ingredients are important but you should also include the price of machinery, rent expenditure, staffing cost and other less obvious elements. You can read more about this here. Keep innovating The IGD report says that the market will be inspired by “shopper trends towards health and wellness and global falvours and tastes,” adding, “many quick-service restaurant chains are updating their menus and reinventing the in-store experience to bring in more technology, creating a more premium look and feel to appeal to...

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