Author: Evie Molloy


Spending too much time processing transactions? Anything from inputting sales invoices into QuickBooks Online to entering complicated journals. AccountantHub offers a way to import transactions into QuickBooks Online without having to type a thing. Just simply set up an import spreadsheet template – AccountantHub do offer these on their website, but we can offer help and support to create one bespoke to your company if necessary – and upload it to their webpage. AccountantHub links directly with QuickBooks and the import only takes minutes, with zero hassle for you. Once the spreadsheet has been mapped once, which is relatively...

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The Start of my CIMA Journey

Having finished my AAT level 4 in the Summer I had lots of options about which way to take my career. After careful consideration I decided to enrol on a CIMA (chartered institute of management accountants) course, as I felt this left lots of options open to me for the future. I really enjoy the management accounting side of my job, such as installing systems and analysing data, so it seemed the obvious choice. There is an added bonus that CIMA is now a global qualification too – so it enables me to act as a qualified accountant anywhere...

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Filing your VAT on QuickBooks Online

Compiling a vat return can seem daunting. There are lots of things to consider – do I have vat receipt for that, which box does that go in – it can be even more confusing if you are using a special vat scheme such as cash or flat rate. QuickBooks has a vat element built in, which means that the manual vat return can be left way in the past. Simply enter your bookkeeping information as you would normally would into QuickBooks Online and it will calculate the figures for you! You can set your QuickBooks Online up to...

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Shop Local & Reap the Benefits

This has been a hot topic of recent years due to the decline of our economy. In a bid to ensure our community performs to it’s best potential we have started to consider our actions of where we shop more and more. When shopping locally 63p of every £1 spent goes back into our local economy. Compare this to the 40p per £1 when you shop at bigger corporations and you can see that it really does make a difference. There are many other benefits to shopping locally too, such as the effect on the planet. If you are...

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Tax: The Basics

There are many intricate details to the specific tax rules that apply to your business. That is what we, as accountants, are here to help you unravel and ensure that what you do is legal and benefiting you the most that is possible. Below is an overview of 3 of the main taxes you will come across when running a business: corporation tax, value added tax and Pay As You Earn ( PAYE ) & national insurance contributions. It is not integral that you know the HMRC manual inside out, but having some knowledge of how the tax within your...

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