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Helping You Understand What Is Important

All business owners need to fully understand their financial performance because ultimately, the success or failure of any business will manifest itself in your financial figures. When you are running a business, you have so many areas of it that you are involved in and you cannot be an expert in every part of it.

For the finance side of your business we run bespoke training courses for both business owners and your key team members with your own financial figures so you can :

● Read the Balance Sheet to see the health of the business

● Know where to find the detail to the key numbers on the Balance Sheet

● Have an understanding of what variables are driving these numbers on the Balance Sheet

● Understand what is driving your business cashflow

● Understand what the key numbers are on your Profit & Loss

● Learn how to tell what the underlying profit trend is in your business

● Calculate the breakeven of the business

● Discover what you need to do to properly cost your products and services

● Investigate what non-financial information you need to look at as KPI’s

After this training, you will have a better understanding of what is important for your business and you will be able to know where to focus more effort.

Making Use of Our Practical Industry Experience

The training will be done by Alan Hemingway ACMA, CGMA who has over 20 years practical industry experience in senior finance positions across many different industries. This means that you will be receiving training very much from a practical angle rather than just the theoretical side which can often be the case on some training courses.

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Colonial House, Swinemoor Lane, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 0LS

Telephone 01482 679333



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