Software and technology move very quickly for business, especially in the field of accountancy and bookkeeping software – at Hemingway Bailey we believe it is vitally important for clients to fully use their packages to their full potential. We do this by both quality training at installation and always being available for refresher courses.

Quickbooks Online Training

All of our business clients get free Quickbooks Online and we believe it is important that you know as much as possible about it so you can both get using it quickly and also that you get the most out of it to make your business grow. We offer half-day training courses for you and your team on your Quickbooks company so you can work on your data so it is meaningful rather than on a Test company that might not mean anything to you. During this training we will use our advanced reporting skills to set the software up so it gives you what you want to run your business optimally. If you are a client who wants a refresher on the software, we can tailor courses to suit you & your needs and build on the practical experience you had acquired since your initial training. We are also available to answer any questions you may have with the software and this is all part of the free telephone & E-Mail support you get with our fixed fee accountancy services.

This facility we find is very useful for clients who often make use of it if they are about to do  something new in the business and they want to know how to do it in Quickbooks Online. Sometimes this might just be for reassurance that they are doing the correct thing and we are very happy to talk you through this.

Quickbooks Online Apps Training

As well as implementing the additional Apps for clients onto their Quickbooks Online software, we are also very happy to train your team on their use so you and your team can get the best use out of them.

We are very skilled at implementing such software and as part of your training, we will aim to train you so you can get the highest quality information and be the most efficient in your processes.

These Apps can be across all areas of your business and will cover such areas as stock, management and KPI reporting, credit control, planning and logistics, transaction processing and field service management to name but a few areas.

We can also provide you with fixed price support packages so you can have the peace of mind of our support throughout the year.


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